Fees & Sessions


My fee for a 2 hour counseling session is $200.00.

What To Expect In Your Session

The first step in your financial recovery journey is to fill out the financial information forms. By filling out these forms, you’ll be able to see your financial situation on paper, which will make it easier for you to see where you have been and to better understand what you want to achieve. You can download the forms here as either an Excel spreadsheet or PDF:

Financial Information Form – PDF
Financial Information Form – Excel

Next, you and I will meet for your session. Expect to spend about two hours as we discuss your financial goals. You have seen where you are on the forms, but where do you want to be and what is your timetable to reach your goals? Together we create a step-by-step path to follow to reach your goals.

Typically you leave with instructions to follow on your own for the next 6 to 8 months, although some clients will choose a follow-up session with me earlier than 6-8 months. Clients are welcome to call with questions to clarify the plan between sessions.

Everyone’s situation is different, so each “financial path” is unique. The goal is for every client to achieve financial freedom, and this is a reachable goal for each and every financial situation!

Live Like No One Else So That Later You May Live Like No One Else