Deanna Ooley is a Dave Ramsey Certified Financial CounselorFinancial Coach in Conroe, TX

Tough economic times have forced many people to seek debt relief. They have borrowed beyond their capability to pay back debt and they seek a financial coach who can provide debt counseling. If you have reached the brink of dire financial straits, you need to turn to a financial counselor who has the compassion and professional expertise to right your wayward financial ship.

My name is Deanna Ooley, and I am a certified Dave Ramsey Financial Counselor and Financial Peace University instructor from Conroe, TX - just north of Houston, Texas. My primary objective is to provide confidential consultation to help clients meet their financial goals. I specialize in providing ways for clients to seek debt relief and establish financial habits that help them maximize the return on their money. My services range from coaching clients to balance their checkbooks, developing realistic strategies for reducing substantial debt to living on retirement income.

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Saving, budgeting, and having a financial plan are simple concepts, but they are hard to implement on your own. The temptation to splurge often overwhelms us. You can be scraping the bottom of the financial barrel or just want to improve your current financial situation. Either way, working with a professional who offers debt relief advice is one of the best decisions you will ever make for you and your family. Financial counseling teaches you how to create realistic short and long term financial plans. I will provide specific ideas and encourage you to be accountable as you implement your financial plan.

Debt counseling requires the gathering of financial information, analyzing the information, and then developing a pragmatic financial plan that reduces debt and allows you to get more out of your paychecks. We will work closely together to devise a debt relief plan that you can manage under your current income.

You will never hear a financial advisor or financial planner sales pitch from me. I do not sell insurance, investments, or bundled financial products.  I coach on a flat-fee basis, which eliminates you watching a clock to see how much you are paying me. You will never incur hidden charges or accumulating fees when you work with me to improve your financial health.

Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Counselor

Besides my Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Counselor credential, I have earned three business degrees-Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and MBA. My education did not prevent me from incurring over $50,000 in debt. After taking debt counseling courses from Dave Ramsey, I was able to reduce my debt obligation to nothing in 18 months. It took a devout commitment on my part to become debt free.

Dave Ramsey changed my life by instilling in me that borrowers are slaves to lenders. In fact, debtors are slaves to jobs that they cannot leave, because of the fear of losing the income to make debt payments. If you want the financial freedom that comes from debt relief, make an appointment with me by calling 936-447-1626 or 936-520-8030 (cell).

I look forward to speaking with you about improving your financial future.

Thank you,

Deanna Ooley

For an appointment call: 936-447-1626 or 936-520-8030 (cell)

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